1 in 8 Crew Story: Kendall Hurns

Kendall Hurns

Kendall Hurns, Chicago

"Since I was a young kid, McDonald's has always been a brand I connected with," said Kendall Hurns, 40, a creative entrepreneur and founder of lifestyle brand Robotic Minds Concept. A Chicago native, Kendall Hurns, is a master of drawing inspiration from the world around him- entrepreneurship, fashion, sports, arts and more- to create an impact on culture. In fact, his love of artistic expression and creative branding is exactly what led him to his first job at the Golden Arches decades ago.

"When I was old enough to get a part-time job, it was a "no-brainer" to apply to my neighborhood Calumet City, IL., McDonald's," Hurns says. "The Calvin's Got a Job campaign was extremely impactful growing up and played a big role in getting that job."

The bright colors, relatable stories expressed in marketing, uplifting the communities being served, and basketball influence that Kendall now displays in his art and business efforts, were all things he loved about McDonald's. Now, as an official brand partner and designer of the 1 in 8 "In the Crew" jackets, Kendall's history with the Golden Arches is more indelible than ever.

"As a fan and former crew member, this project is a very nostalgic and full circle moment for me," Hurns says. "Playing off the nostalgia, my design approach is colorful, fun, intentional and recognizes the history, heritage and tradition of the McDonald's brand."

While Kendall once manned the register to afford the latest fashion trends, he's now setting them by designing streetwear for big-time clients while remaining steadfast in pursuing projects that speak to his passions. "Everything I do derives from the same mindset I used back then; I have to be genuinely interested. There has to be some creativity involved and be authentic because it's who I am at my core."

Throughout his amazing career evolution, like managing four-time NBA champion Andre Iguodala to creating The Arte Haus, an artist collective, and starting his own apparel brand, Kendall continues to draw from the lessons he learned at McDonald's. Especially the importance of people skills and genuine communication. "I still apply those rules of engagement. Always keeping a kind and polite tone is so important because it makes the entire interaction more pleasant."

Kendall encourages Crew members to dive into their experience with the brand and use the skills they learn to go after their dreams. Because where you start stays with you.

Thank you, Kendall, for being part of the incredible 1-in-8 who make our Arches Golden!

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Are You Part of the 1 in 8?
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