Did You Know 1 in 8 Americans
Have Worked at McDonald's?

From musicians to astronauts to entrepreneurs and even our very own McDonald's business leaders– 1 in 8 Americans have something in common. Connected by the unique skills and opportunities McDonald's provides, this community includes all current and former Crew. And we are excited to recognize the diverse individuals who make the 1 in 8 so great.
Are You Part of the 1 in 8?
The skills you learn at McDonald's stay with you, no matter where life takes you. So, we want to know- how has McDonald's played a role in your journey?
Joy Frank-Silmon
Joy Frank-Silmon: McDonald’s Owner-Operator, Former Crew & 1 in 8 Member
When Joy Frank-Silmon started working at her father’s McDonald’s restaurant, she figured it was just another high school job. But twenty years later she returned to the Golden Arches – this time to take over the family business as an owner-operator.
Elizabeth Gomez
Elizabeth Gomez: Surgical Technologist, Former Crew & 1 in 8 Member
Elizabeth Gomez discovered her calling to help others while working as a McDonald’s crew member. Eventually trading in her spatula for a scalpel, she studied surgical technology through Archways to Opportunity and applies the same skills learned in the kitchen in the operating room.
Yenis Blanco
Yenis Blanco: Student, Current Training Manager & 1 in 8 Member
After arriving in the U.S. from Central America, Yenis Blanco knew little English when she began working as a crew member. Now, she’s a college student studying business through Archways to Opportunity and oversees the training programs at 15 of Owner/Operator’s Luis Gavignano McDonald’s restaurants.
Kendall Hurns
Kendall Hurns: Creative Entrepreneur, Former Crew & 1 in 8 Member
Designer, entrepreneur, and artist are just a few of Kendall Hurns’ many titles. But perhaps the most relatable: former McDonald’s Crew. What started as a part-time restaurant job evolved into a life-long membership, making Kendall Hurns a part of the 1 in 8 Network.
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Important Note:

McDonald's and McDonald's independently owned and operated franchisees are equal opportunity employers committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Most McDonald's restaurants are operated by independent franchisees who are independent employers, and set their own employment policies and practices, including pay and benefits for the people working in their restaurants. McDonald's USA does not control the independent franchisees' employment policies and practices and does not employ those working at franchised restaurants.